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PDF FATSILC Language Organisation Directory 2010-2011

In publishing the National lndigenous Languages Contacts Directory, FATSILC has put together a list of the key organisations and community groups in Australia involved in the revitalisation and promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages.

This edition of the directory is significantly larger than the previous two volumes, and reflects the enormous growth in the level of support and commitment to lndigenous Languages, across a broad spectrum of the community.

The entries in this booklet represent lndigenous and non lndigenous organisations; both community and Government based, funded or voluntary community support. All of them have something to offer to people wishing to access information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages and the range of programs, services and resources available.

FATSILC would like to thank ATSIS, Australian Government for funding this project and the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, and the FATSILC Organisation Directory 2010-2011, which is even more more extensive and can be found here.


FATSILC is now using a new system to handle its ‘Language Organisation Directory’ contacts, intended to keep an up to date directory.

Our new system utilises a user account with which you can login the FATSILC site and edit / update your organisation’s details when they change.

Registration is free and you can register here. Upon approval, your organisation will be listed in the according state.

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When in ‘Search’ – Select the State from the top right dropdown. Click ‘Search Users’ in the top right.
When in the appropriate state – select ‘ Search Users’ in the top right.

Major Affiliates
Major affiliates are are larger organisations who work collaboritvely with FATSILC on projects.