About Us


The Federation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages & Culture (Corporation) is the national body for community based Indigenous language programs in Australia. The organisation was established in 1991 in response to the Australian Language and Literacy Policy, to promote the maintenance, retrieval and revival of Indigenous languages, through the support of community based language programs.

It acts in an advisory role on issues relating to Indigenous languages to ATSIC, government and relevant non-government agencies, and provides a communication network to support information sharing between all target groups involved with Indigenous languages in Australia.


FATSILC aims to have Indigenous languages recognised as core elements in the development of all policy and legislation relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia. Its goals are:

  • To support the fostering and maintenance of cultural practices and traditions with regard to Indigenous Australian Languages in a form that will be available for future generations
  • To provide information and advice to government, non-government agencies and general community relevant to language issues
  • To continue with the development of Indigenous Australian Language policies and programs
  • To provide a comprehensive consultative mechanism through Regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Management Committees, Language Centres and Community groups
  • To promote the recognition and understanding of Indigenous language skills, experience and knowledge in language, culture and heritage through educational and employment programs
  • To encourage the training and development of Indigenous Language workers and specialist language speakers

FATSILC reports regularly on its activities and other issues relevant to Australia’s Indigenous languages in its quarterly publication VOTL.